Real Estate Auctions- Sanford Alderfer Real Estate and Auction Company

Sanford Alderfer Real Estate & Auction Company,  also known as Tranzon Alderfer is part of Tranzon, LLC a nationwide organization that realizes market value for real estate and business assets at auction in a defined time period, putting the seller in control of the process. For the typical real estate auction, the marketing process can be as brief as six weeks from signing the agreement until the auction.

Why choose to sell at Auction?

Auctions are quick and have a set sale date, allowing sellers to effectively plan for their property sale, rather than engaging in an open-ended process through a conventional listing that could stretch on indefinitely.

Taking an innovative, customized approach, Tranzon Alderfer creates a marketing program to expose your property to as many qualified buyers as possible in a pre-determined period of time.

Auctions are characterized by competitive bidding as opposed to negotiated bidding. Bidders compete for your property, thereby maximizing the chance that the highest potential value for your property is realized.

In a seller’s market, there is no better way to determine how much a buyer is willing to pay for a property than to place them in a competitive bidding environment. In a buyer’s market, there is no better way to ensure that a property achieves its maximum potential market value than to place the property in a competitive bidding environment.

In an auction process, the seller sets the terms, not the purchaser, assuring the seller they get the ebst resullts with their desired terms and conditions. The agreement of sales are “as-is, where-is” contracts making for an quick and easy settlement.

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